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This year ACBDA has joined up with Blind Girl Designs for our Sugar Warriors t-shirt. Blind Girl Designs is a company owned and operated by Tricia Waechter, who has retinitis pigmentosa, and is legally blind. She has a long history in clothing design and a desire for sharing her passion.  Her trademark appears in every article design and is included in our design. This trademark is a white cane. The above images reflect the design for this year.

Shirt Design Description

The crew neck short sleeve t-shirt is royal blue and made from high quality heavy weight cotton, the same quality that Tricia uses in her regular line. This means that there is very little shrinkage, so don’t buy a size up! Do wash your t-shirts inside out to preserve the ink.

On the front of the T-shirt, there is a left chest pocket. Above the pocket, printed in white is “ACB Diabetics in Action”.

The back of the shirt has a 12-inch by 12-inch colorful print. Across the top, “Sugar Warriors” is printed in both letters and Braille in a velvety 3 D puff ink.  This is in orange puff and is very tactile.

Beneath the words is a drawing of a fist with prominent knuckles, which is holding a white cane diagonally, smashing through cubes of sugar.

The white sugar cubes are flying, struck by the mighty force of the White cane. To further emphasize the force, the words, “pow” and “bam” are colorfully included in yellow and red.  At the bottom of the print in orange, the words “Knuckling down on diabetes!” fill the entire length of the print.

Shirt Sizes and Pricing

Shirts come in size Small through 5 XL.  The cost of the shirt is $29 which includes shipping (if you choose to have it shipped).  If you choose to pick up your order in Schaumburg (at the national convention), ACBDA will not incur a shipping charge.

T-shirts will be shipped in “batches” based on when orders are received. This means you may get your T-shirt in a few days from the order or within two weeks.


Blind Girl Designs is offering a special code to be used on their website for other products that they offer. The timelines for discounts are as follows:

  • Orders placed between now and March 31 will receive a code for 20% off any products purchased directly from Blind Girl Designs.
  • Orders placed between April 1 – May 1 will receive a code for 10% off.
  • Orders placed after May 15 will not receive a code.

Note: Discounts do not apply to the prices you pay for the shirts that you order directly from ACBDA.

All orders are collected by ACBDA with size and shipping information  being shared with Blind Girl Designs.

If you plan to be in Schaumburg, please plan to wear your shirt to the Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk as we would like to get a team picture.

If you have any questions, then please use our contact form on the web site to reach out to us.

What are you waiting for?

It is time to place your order and show your pride in ACBDA. Whether you are at convention, at a community event in your local town or city or simply wearing your t-shirt while participating virtually. Join us as one of the “SUGAR WARRIORS” by placing your order today!