Fundraising for ACBDA

Donating to ACB Diabetics in Action

Making a monetary donation to ACB Diabetics in Action

We hope that you might consider donating to the ACB Diabetics in Action special interest affiliate of the American Council of the Blind. All donations assist us in furthering the mission of the organization. The donation form uses PayPal to allow you to make a tax deductable donation to ACBDA. Thank you so much for considering this important cause.

Purchasing a Sugar Warriers Bag

We are pleased to announce the availability of a bag that goes to directly support the ACB Diabetics in Action affiliate of the American Council of the blind. We hope that you might consider purchasing a bag for yourself and for your friends and family.

Partnering with EZ2See® Products

ACB Diabetics in Action is pleased to announce a new and interesting fundraiser.  We have partnered with EZ2See® Products.  Many of you know them and are already customers, but did you know they’ve added new products?  Whether you know them or not, please check out what we’re doing.

How the Fundraiser Works

When you make a purchase on the EZ2See Products website using the sales code acbda23, you get a very useful product for yourself or as a gift and we receive 20% of the amount of your purchase; a true win-win!  

About EZ2See® Products

EZ2See® Products began in 2015 when a retired senior could no longer find a weekly calendar that met his low-vision needs; so he made one for himself that was easy to see.  Having a varied background helped and as a long-time low-vision person, he knew what design features made calendars and other print products accessible.  In summary, he came out of retirement, established EZ2See® Products as his way to give back to this community, produced the first version of the annual calendar that year and has done so every year since.

About the Calendar’s Popularity

Once they became widely known, sales to the low-vision community took off.  Even fully-sighted people like its large writing room and buy them.  Thousands of annual customers will tell you, “You won’t find a more accessible print calendar anywhere”.

The Calendar’s Features Include:

  • Uses letter-size, heavy-weight paper
  • All the ink is black
  • Letters and numbers are 50 point or larger which is over 5 times that of newsprint
  • Daily cells have almost as much writing room as two, 3 by 5 cards
  • Each page has a black border to help prevent writing off the paper
  • The spiral binding lets it fold in half and lay flat
  • It’s only as thick as a wooden pencil

List of New Available EZ2See® Products

  • An Academic-Year Calendar for students, teachers and parents with the same features as the annual calendar
  • An Organizer and Address Book that’s totally unique and designed to be helpful in multiple ways and can never become obsolete
  • Yellow 3” by 3” Sticky Notes with black edges to prevent writing off the edge
  • Two Black Ink Writing Instruments that won’t bleed through paper – a normal point pen and a bold marker like the old 20/20 pen

Remember to use the acbda23 sales code when you purchase anything on the EZ2See Products website.  When you do, ACB Diabetics in Action will receive 20% of the value of your purchase.  Thank you for supporting ACB Diabetics in Action.